Luxury car rental in America

Renting supercars is one of life’s greatest thrills. Until you get your hands on one and feel the intensity of driving it, it’s hard to realise what you’re missing out on. It can be difficult to make a choice on which hire service to go for without guidance, so we’ve listed the best supercar companies around today on our website.

Each company we come across goes through our analysis and review process to ensure they match a strict criteria for quality. If a company isn’t legitimate and isn’t a top quality service, you won’t see it recommended here. So far we’ve reviewed hire companies in two cities and we’re expanding as time goes by. So if you don’t see your city listed yet, wait a little longer and it may arrive.

Luxury cars in California

Luxury cars in Florida

You can expect to set aside $1000 or more per day for top of the range vehicle hire along with a little extra per mile if you intend to go over the allowed mileage limit. This will vary greatly between hire services but may be close to $3 per mile for some cars.

We recommend that you give the company a call before making the purchase to find out all the ins and outs of the service. It won’t take long and you’ll be glad you found out everything you needed to know. You’ll then be able to take it all into consideration before your drive and can immerse yourself in the experience with ease.

We hope you find the service you’re looking for and enjoy your supercar experience. Have fun!